Jump out of depression and sufferring

Suffering, inner violence, rage, irrational mood swings, bully, abusive behaviours are all a man’s call for attention to his inability to handle himself and creating suffering for himself.Wealth, power, fame, don’t guarantee better quality of life. Its wealthy inner space, no conflict space that uplifts the quality of lifeKevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Dustin Hoffman- all icons, great contributors for what they have chosen in their life, but now facing allegations of sexual harassment Akshay Kumar making a sexual innuendo, and expects women to laugh it off as a joke

Deepika Padukone- self declared depressionist

Why? Life need not be an inner world war zone

Life can be just pure, unfiltered joy

We are nothing but a collection of concepts, ideas which can be upgraded to add joy and colour in your life


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“The ROYAL way to SADASHIVATVA! ”                                                                                                             ~Paramahamsa Sri NITHYANANDA

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