God-who where how

God Exists is undeniable. All religions teach us about God in Variants
Some say we are “son of God”
Some Say, we are ” shadow of God”
Only Hinduism says, that we are God, and show the path to that
Human cynicism is such that the moment we hear we are Gods, we start questioning,
Why Am I born here?
If I am God, why can I live like God instead of living like Humans, and going through sufferings, conflicts
In Hinduism, there is no concept of angry God, or vengeful God or Sorrowful God
There is God, who is a principle, a principle of each man’s highest consciousness
The pinnacle of the triangular love between Jeeva, Jagat and Parmathma, is realised when Jeeva realises and experiences the love of Parmarthma.
Every Jeeva, (Individual soul) can experience the love of Parmarthma as Parmarthma (Superconsciousness) Loves Jeeva (individual soul) and Jagat (World) unconditionally and without any expectations.

Nector of Immortality

When I was 15 years old, I had a goal, an aim-
” 30 is a grand old age to die and I will finish doing whatever I want to do in life before that.”
As a teenager, I thought, 30 was good healthy age to die, without the side effect of old age, broken bones, withered skin, wrinkled face, body sickness and all related physical signs of old age.
Strangely, for one so focused on dying at ripe old age of 30,  I didn’t have game plan “how to die”. Naively I assumed that my decision is made and hence it will happen as a natural flow of my existence, rather end of of my existence.
For me Death wasn’t a black hole nor did I have fear of death and nor did I have any understanding of death, life and after life as a teenager.
Life was fun and it was inconsequential to me how long or short I lived.
 Contemplating on what happens to life after death, soul, consciousness, immortality were not part of my cognition, my dictionary, nor my thoughts.
” I have many things to do and A short life!”
I was always in a hurry to do things as I had a strict timeline to finish living, I wanted to finish everything quickly and move on to the next things.
When there is no life plan, God-plans life for you, although sometimes I do so Wish that he would ask me my opinionated opinion of what I want in Life!
Years passed, life has been colourful turns, bumps and a joy ride.
I crossed 30 years, crossing my 30 year old self imposed life span, , but as God had planned my life, I am still around in this World which is my home for this birth.
And God introduced me to my Guru, His Holiness Parmahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamiji, and from my Guru, I heard for the first Time ever, that to live a complete life one needs to understand death
H.H. Parmahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swami
Alive, kicking my way thru life, way beyond 30, wondering what life has in store hold for me, and now, toying with the idea of immortality—the immortality I thought and decided that wasn’t for an ordinary, everyday mortal-ME.
I had read about immortality, the nectar of immortality thru the lives of the 18 Siddars, Mahavatar Babaji, Sai Baba, Ramana Maharishi and many such Beings.  Immortality was for such beings who achieve a Supra natural space and state in the Spiritual and mystical world.
From short life to Immortality, my far life lived this far has been a journey through all kinds of life entertainment and yet I am now considering if Immortality is an option for me..
What would I do If I was Immortal, I have no clue…yet it seems to be an interesting consideration.
Immortality? did I really mention this word? Am I serious about this?
What does immortality mean in its true sense?
Is it possible for a Soul, A man to  be immortal in his Human body?
Or does it mean that man can be immortal shedding this human body?
Join us on December 3rd to explore the secrets of Immortality and Beyond
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is a platform where plethora of Swamiji, my Guru His Holiness Parmahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamiji’s teaching are available free for everyone
Observations, sentiments, humor, wit are always a joy to decipher
Sarcasm, sadistic remarks are best if they find a different pair of eyes to be read by
In gratitude To my Guru H.H.Parmahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swami

Guru- The Umbilical cord between U&Ure highest principles.

The vast mountain looked at me and I gazed back scrutinising the mountain. Its vast space, strewn with green trees, and un-groomed shrubs, it virgin paths curving their way from the bottom of the mountain to its peak- un glorified, stable, un worried about their existence- just existing as a by production of certain and evolution.
Why am I born as a human, living, breathing, working, running, enjoying, experiencing world’s relationship with the soul in all its complexities and all its joy.
Lost in Annaimali’s wild life sanctuary, staring at nature in all its glory, questioning, my existence, birth my soul’s journey, my introspection of brith and journey of life was rudely disturbed by the assistant director’s call trumpeting that my shot was ready.
Inwardly residing myself to the fact that I will never find the answers to these questions, I stumbled out of my self inflicted stupor of searching for self and joined my co-stars in the Tamil movie “Adharmam”
Shooting for movies on various locales has its pros and cons, this particular locale, Annaimalai Wildlife sanctuary in Tamil Nadu , triggered my inquisitiveness to that part of existence for which I had. no answers nor could I find any teachers who could help me find the answers.
This battered,painful journey of my soul, seeking for answers, yearning its identity, finally reached its fruition when I reached the feet of my Guru, H.H. Parmahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swami.My 15 years soul ripping quest found solace in 2009, February 6th.
Guru, or the concept of Guru was not even familiar to me at that time, and I was in ignorance of the importance of A guru for a soul’s journey,
This ignorance cost me more than twenty years of separation from my own being and my real nature of self.
Undermining the importance of a Guru in soul’s journey is the missing link between humans and divine.

Fall in love with yourself!

In School; my career choice was two -either a criminal lawyer or an investigative journalist, I have strayed afar from  my chosen career path.
 I became an actor. 
The reasons being irrelevant,deciding to be  an actor was my decision . Yet this life style change made me agnostic- from a firm, unshakeable Gnostic to an Agnostic. 
Growing up in a an household where Puajs and worshipping God was an everyday lifestyle, my tryst with atheism was by in itself a conflict which one day culminated in my returning back to my centre. 
Decision made, I started working furiously. I was doing three movies, in three languages synchronously
1. Kadappa Reddemma- Telugu,
co starring Mohan Babu, Sarada Devi, Bharath Anand
Director- Bharthwaj, 
2.Nadodi Thendral – Tamil 
Co starring Karthik, 
Director- Bharathiraja
3.Jhonny Walker
Co-starring Mamotty
Director- Jairaj
At that time although I had made the right decision; yet it took me a some time to make it easy and come to terms with my choosen lifestyle.
The science of making the right decisions easily with out fear of failure and greed for success would have improved my quality of life. 
Would I have made different choices? Absolutely Not. 
I will  and would have made the same choices but my quality of life would have been better; my experience of life would have been different . 

Infected Innocence&Broken hearts:

Infected Innocence&Broken hearts:
The year: 1997
” Oh God. she is just 6 years!” My heart withered, shook and shed years of its life as I look at the 6 year old victim of sexual assault. I didn’t want to see her eyes as they reflected her ruptured innocence, her simple joyful life.
What this three year child had to experience, and its ripple effects on her entire life will be unchangeable- a corrosion on her very being that can never be repaired nor restored.
What will instigate a 12 year old boy to sexually assault a 3 year old girl confused me, upset me and shook me,  leaving . vacuum in my heart as though my heart has been scooped out–leavuing big, gaping vacuum- a nothingness which I could never refill for a long time.
What kind of a life, what kind of thoughts that the 12 year old boy would have imbibed from his childhood and surroundings that made crush the spirit of a 3 year old child? Where was the 12 year old child innocence? What could have destroyed the innocent child at this young age, that a 12 year old child has become worse than an animal.
The pain, the ugliness, the self hatred that this 3 year old would have to live with for the rest of her life.
Child sexual abuse has been an invisible, unattended to evil in our society which everyone knows but most can’t or don’t want Tod o much about it, as it will change the very fabric of their existence
Most children are sexually abused by their most trusted members in the family and this experience leaves them feeling, unloved, unwanted, used and discarded. Child victims of sexual assault either become abusers themselves again, or live life with many sufferings and conflicts not knowing the solutions or answers to their suffering.
I was enraged and furious with myself as I didn’t have a solution nor could I help either of the children to live a life without these conflicts, depressions, mental illness, sufferings. I felt a failure as a human being, and I was living wasted life. I had a deep feeling that we as a human beings were moving closer and closer to sufferings rather than joy and bliss.
A search for answers and solutions led me to volunteer in various NGOs, like The Banyan, The prevention of Crime and Victim care, AIDS Awareness, Spastic society, etc. I realised all we had was a stop gap superficial solution. Psychological support, financial support go only thus far.
Why does Human birth and life have to be such struggle? How can life be lived as Krishna described in Bhagwath Geetha: Do your actions, but don’t be attached to the the fruits? The Vedic Upanishads describe life as just existence with no cognitions of good bad, sufferings, struggle. Can we all Iive life like that?
Why didn’t God, my best friend have answers for this. My prayers and my search for permanent solutions, took me on many paths, many Masters, and finally to the source: My Guru Parmahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swami in 2009.
Educating a child with the best education, protecting a child self defence alone is not sufficient, we need to empower children with powerful cognitions about themselves and about others and about life.

Integrating My past with My present is My Future


Whys of life can never be answered, life just needs to be lived by taking the right path which stands in front of you. The path we choose matters on a personal front, but how we walk the path leaves a fragrance of jasmine or fragrance of a skunk. Choice is ours

Sometimes one lives many lifetimes. An Actor, A social activist, and now an initiated Sanyasi In the Nithyananda Order. Initiated by my Guru H.H. Parmahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamiji, my journey as a officially initiated Sanyasi started in 2012. Its 2018 now, and I feel that I have lived million lifetimes already. Would I have wanted to life to go slower, don’t know. But would I have wanted life any different? No way. My life prior to meeting my Guru, Parmahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swami was rich, fun, and absolutely lacked nothing. My life after meeting My Guru has been an experiential roller coaster–Richer, Enlightening, Complete and empowering!